How To Make N95 Grade and Surgical Face Mask with Metal Nose Strip

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If you are looking to make an N95 mask, there is not an exact way with store-bought materials, however, an N95 filter protects 95% of germs, whereas a vacuum cleaner filter protects 92% so it's pretty darn close! By adding the metal nose strip, the airflow is directed away from the eyes and outward from the face making this mask a close second to an actual N95 mask.

Fabric to use for no lining needed;

  • Vacuum Cleaner Bag (filters almost as much as N95) - 92% protection

  • Ironing Board Cover (lined with felt or fused)

  • Dish Towel (less protection but can cover an N95 to protect with breathability) - 83% protection

    Self Fabric (from most Protection to least);

    • Cotton Blend Fabric - 74% protection

    • Stretch Cotton/T-Shirt Material (little protection/64% but can cover an N95 to protect with breathability)

    • Antimicrobial Pillowcase - 65% protection

    • Pillowcase or woven shirt - 62% protection

    • Muslin or loosely woven fabric - 60% protection

    It is best to use a lining or interfacing that in NONWOVEN for these materials- this will give much more protection.

    Linings (from most Protection to least);

    • Felt - BEST protection/washable

    • Nonwoven interfacing - Good protection washable

    • Paper Towel - BEST protection/disposable

    • Tissue (3 or 4 ply) - Good protection/disposable

    • Tissue 2 ply - Good protection/disposable

    Metal Nose Strip

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