How It's Made - Victorias Secret Angel Wings; Introduction

Welcome!! I am so excited to share my new blog idea - How it's made!  

For my first segment, I will take you behind the lights and glamour and beautiful models of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and introduce you to how some of the iconic fashion shows' wildest creations were made!

My first job in the fashion industry was with the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.   I worked on the show for a few years, sketching, creating design and theme ideas, and helping to build many different garments, wings, and accessories.  It was fun and exciting!  Every little detail of the outfits is well thought out and no two days were the same - one day decorating an entire line of designer shoes with Swarovski crystal, the next painting a custom Dalmation PINK dog.  I had the opportunity to work on so many cool projects (and some that were tedious and not so glamorous.)

I posted some photos on Instagram and many of you asked how we build the iconic angel wings recognized around the world.  So THANK YOU commenters for giving me this idea!!   I will share the story and include some in-the-works (ITW) and behind-the-scene (BTS) images which I hope you find interesting :)

The Fist (of many) Now Posted! 

How It's Made - Victorias Secret Angel Wings; Magdalena Frackowiak "Snow Angels"

Enjoy and please comment!  Look for regular fashion posts from me at Kelly by Lindsey, and let me know what else you would enjoy seeing How it’s made!

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