I am so excited to write my first blog - Hello and welcome!!!

Kelly by Lindsey is a luxury brand inspired by a talented, bad-ass, strong woman named Kelly Josephine Navin. She was my number one fan and always inspired me to take ZERO shit and to set ZERO limits.

I had the honor not only of having her in my life, but by my side every step of the way as I quickly reached success in the fashion world. She was my guest at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show before she passed - which was a big part of my career  where I learned many couture techniques!

After losing Kelly, it was really difficult to find my way and believe I have a purpose in life - as short or as long as that may be.  It was definitely hard for a time, and still can be, but I managed to find my calling to share what I've learned and create something beautiful, original and unique that is specific to each individual, as well as making available hand-crafted couture pieces that don't yet exist on the market.

I look forward to sharing along the way of this journey as I continue to grow and create with my guardian angel (superwoman) always by my side.



Ernie Barsamian

Ernie Barsamian said:

These designs look terrific! The sky is the limit. Go Lindsey!

Stephanie Meadowcroft-Navin

Stephanie Meadowcroft-Navin said:

Such a beautiful first blog post! I love your website- so professional and easy to use! And the designs—-GORGEOUS!


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